We know that we are responsible in our production processes for more sustainable products and we try to carry out our activities in this direction.

1. Design and Production

As Barine, we work to help you buy less and achieve better, and we strive to ensure that our collections are of high quality and long-lasting. While doing these, we strive to use more sustainable resources.


    We combine our mastery in weaving craft with the value we attach to details and originality, and include products that will never go out of fashion with timeless designs in all our collections.


    We produce our products from quality cotton fibers, durable woolen threads and natural fabrics such as French linen. Because we know that products made from natural materials will always make you feel better.


    We adhere to Oeko-Tex standards at every stage of our production. (Oeko-Tex is an independent testing and certification system that guarantees environmentally friendly and human-health production)

    2. Environment

    We make every effort to make our collections and production more sustainable, avoiding single-use plastic materials while using renewable energy sources.


      We try to minimize carbon emissions in our production by producing our fabrics in our own energy-generating weaving factory.


      We use the rich soil created by composting all our food and beverage waste as a natural soil additive by feeding the plants in our facilities.


      We work to eliminate products that cause environmental pollution from our lives, and instead of disposable paper and plastic products, we use washable cups and cutlery bags produced from waste fabrics.

      3. Packaging

      We reduce the use of plastic in the packaging of our products as much as possible and offer our products in fabric cases and bags.


        We preserve our products in reusable or recyclable materials.


        We work to ensure that the bags and cases in which we store our products can be reused as storage tools during your travels or at home, and we plan our production accordingly.


        We avoid the use of plastic cargo bags by using recyclable paper cargo packages to deliver your orders.

        4. Slow Life

        When producing our collections, we attach importance to high quality and timeless designs that will enable you to buy less, against the consumption frenzy, and thus strive to minimize our impact on the environment in the long term.

          5. Barine Greening Project

          We are inspired by our land and we are aware that we obtain our resources from the soil. We launched the Barine Greening Project program to give back some of what we received. Our main goal is to restore the soil and apply old natural farming methods by following nature.