A Return Story

Bir Dönüş Hikayesi

“Summer is a long sleep, life begins again with autumn.”

We left summer memories behind and returned to the city for brand new city adventures. Every fall is a season of coming home after summer adventures. Returning to life after a long summer holiday prepares us for the brand new innovations that the new season will bring.

After the sweet crowds, joyful laughter and lively memories of summer days, the soul searches for true serenity in the calmest times of the year - autumn. What inspires us is the search for calmness and peace that comes before leaving summer and entering winter, and the desire to purify oneself from excess, intensity, crowds and everything left behind, to simplify and retreat into one's shell.

We prepared ourselves for naturalness, natural textures and natural weaves by meeting the need to return to SELF in nature, meeting with nature and preparing for a long season with a real therapy in the middle of nature. Here is Barine's brand new collection...

It is possible to see and feel in every piece of the new collection the desire for simplification, less consumption and long-lasting use that comes with the desire to return to the soil, integrate with the soil and compensate for everything taken from nature.

The combination of natural textures, their stance in nature and colors meeting nature will give you a real feeling of relaxation and happiness. Meet Barine's Terra theme and open your heart to the magnificent beauties in nature.

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