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The weather is a little hot, a little cool, occasionally rainy, and the calendar has already moved to mid-October. The atmosphere in the houses has also changed into an autumn mood. We have compiled for you tips that will put your homes in an autumn mood, comments of trendsetters, this season's color tones and much more.

As it has been for a long time, nature, naturalness and everything related to nature inspire this season's trends. There is no doubt that all kinds of technological devices that make our lives much easier cause mental fatigue over time. In order to alleviate this general atmosphere of tiredness and intensity, even if only a little, the trendsetters wanted to create spaces in your homes where you can escape from technology and rest your mind from time to time, and of course, they made it easier for people to take shelter where they really belong - in nature.

Barine called this desire to return to nature a quest and reinterpreted autumn decoration with the new trend colors of the season.

So, what are the trends we will see frequently this season?

Express Yourself with Slogans!

Of course, you have something to say about life and people! Now is the time to explain this with your home. Don't be afraid to use slogans freely! Whatever you want to say or express, let your accessories give the message for you. Accessories, pillows, letter-shaped trinkets and message-bearing lighting... All of them will be mobilized to tell you about you this season.

A Simple but Stylish Stance

This season, all the materials that meet your needs in your home will take their shine from simplicity. You may want to consider any area where you can emphasize the vanity of simplicity and simplicity.



Natural Accessories, the Star of Your Home

The most striking aspect of this naturalness will undoubtedly be the accessories, but when choosing accessories, raw or very close to raw glass, wood, wicker and glass accessories made of natural materials that dominate the general natural atmosphere will shine like the star of your home. Moreover, the usual home accessories will be accompanied by truly completely natural auxiliary accessories. Dry branches in autumn colors, tiny, cute and colorful pumpkins, cones and plenty of green plants... It's all up to your creativity.

Also, do not forget to get support from stylish candle holders and aromatic candles to keep the energy of your home fresh at all times.

The Temperature of Knitting Works

There is no doubt that do-it-yourself projects are experiencing their golden age and rest assured that they will continue to do so. Everything that has expired has to renew itself. One of the hottest images brought by this trend is braids. Knitted blankets and throw pillow covers will warm both you and your home this season.

Renewal in Bedrooms

Of course, the bedroom is the most special point of a house in terms of decoration. The appearance of your bedroom directly affects you in terms of quality sleep and quality time. From the duvet cover to the bedspread, every accessory you use for bedroom decoration determines how you will end the day and in what mood you will start the new day. The bedroom can be the perfect space to try the brand new colors brought by trends.

Changing Color Tones

When it comes to autumn, the first things that come to mind are brown, red and dark orange, and this season they change their appearance a little more. Dried rose, mustard yellow, powder tones, dark reds, bright shades of brown and leaf tones of green will be common this season. For those who are hesitant to use such bold colors together, it may be more pleasant to use these colors as an auxiliary. Indigo, blues and grays come to your rescue here. They embrace new colors with both a possessive and softening embrace. We should not forget the simple, raw and calming effect of the soil!

An enjoyable season awaits us.

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September 25, 2022

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